About promotional products?

Promotional products are the only type of advertising people actually say thank you for!

what are promotional products?

What is a promotional product?

Promotional products are useful and physical items printed with a company’s name, logo or slogan.  Designed to effectively boost brand awareness, complement product promotions and launches, elevate public awareness campaigns and create exciting incentive programs for customers and employees.  Promotional products are also an ideal promotional tool to distribute at events, tradeshows and corporate events, there are practically limitless ways to use them.  

Why use promotional products?

Promotional products are an extremely effective marketing tool and one of the only forms of advertising that literally puts your company name into the hands of your customers, creating an impressive and memorable brand experience.

There are tens of thousands of different types, styles and options of promotional products available to suit any budget and are proven to be an extremely cost-effective marketing and advertising method. Some of the most common items including apparel, pens, drink bottles, keep cups, calculators, keyrings, desk accessories, bags and totes and memory sticks.

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of people have at least one promotional product in their kitchen
1 %
of people have at lease one promotional product in their office
1 %
of advertisers said that adding a promotional product to a campaign returned a favourable response
1 %


91% of people have at least one promotional product in their kitchen and 81% have 2 or more. The kitchen is the #1 place people use and keep their promotional products.

74% of people have at least one promotional product in their office and 59% have 2 or more. More than half of people hold onto their promotional product from 1 to more than 4 years.

75% of Human Resource managers are using promotional products in recognition programs.

100% of advertisers said that adding a promotional product returned a favourable response to their campaign.

90% of large corporates and business use promotional products to increase brand awareness, add value to attendees at events, reinforce brand value, connect with consumers and stand out from competitors.

84% agree promotional products offer value for money and 81% said the suppliers they had worked with, understood their business needs.

Promotional products are one of the most high-impact, cost effective advertising mediums.

Across Australasia, studies show on average that individuals have 7 promotional products in their homes and / or offices.

According to research conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) based in the US, recipients of promotional products have a significantly positive opinion of a business through:

  • Increase in positive overall image
  • More positive perception of the business
  • Higher likelihood of recommending the business
  • Higher likelihood of patronising the business
  • 58% of respondents keep a promotional product anywhere from one year to more than four years.

*Survey and statistical information sourced from:

APPA research, Promotional Products Work, Global Advertising Specialties Impression Study 2016

APPA acknowledges some statistics have been sourced from the PPAI (Promotional Products Association Internation) website: www.ppai.org 

Promotional Gift Umbrella
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